Thursday, May 19, 2016

against sunset

       we played sunset high school the other day. it was a good game but we came out with the win. they're a good team but when it came to it, they couldn't hang with palmetto. it was a home game so the crowd was on our side. i looked in the stands and saw the fans cheering us on and doing their synchronized chants. you could feel the energy going through the gym.
        first set starts and we go out with bang. instantly start out with bouncing balls and 3 ball passes to open up the offense. we won the set 25-17 and its on tho the next one. the next set starts and sunset looked rattled. we took advantage of that and played with no mercy and won that set 25-15. it was definitely one of my better games. our coach seemed proud of us because it was a great game on his birthday. before the third set started, he reminded us that it was his birthday and that our first time beating sunset would be perfect on his birthday. third set starts and we come out on fire. a good game becomes a great game when you start and finish strong.we win the third set and the crowd is on their feet cheering while we shake hands and say good game.