Friday, January 22, 2016

Only the beginning 🏐

Boy's volleyball, a sport greatly under appreciated.
           I've been around volleyball for more years than I can remember. My oldest brother graduated from palmetto in 2011 and played volleyball for all 4 years of high school. I went to almost every single game and cheered him on not knowing I would fall in love with the game. My middle brother graduated in 2014 and was playing volleyball too. He would go with the oldest to practice and they both enjoyed every second they were on the court.
           I went into freshman year expecting to be strictly basketball. But that quickly changed when Mrs. Latshaw (the volleyball coach at the time) was constantly asking me to play when I walked into her class for p.e. I thought... "Why not give it a chance? Your brothers loved playing and even your mom played in high school."
           Tryouts came at the beginning of February and I went with a mindset to get in there and work too make a good impression on the coaches. As we introduce ourselves to the coaches they instantly remember me from my brothers playing for them in the past. I was the third Brown to come through and I was determined to be the best one since I am the last son. After a couple of rounds of playing I started to get the hang of it. Watching my brothers past games really helped me since I already had some knowledge of the game. I could tell the coaches were impressed because they seemed to crowd the court to watch and always had eyes on me. I felt the pressure, but I work pretty well under pressure.


  1. Very interesting, good choice Mr Brown

  2. I didn't know this about you. That's cool how you grew into volleyball so much.