Friday, February 19, 2016

A Couple Days In:
    Tryouts are finally over for the palmetto varsity volleyball team. we started the tryout with 14 and ended with 12, an easy choice for my coach. we all knew who was on and who was off from the beginning.
    The team is looking strong. everyone seems excited and dedicated to this year. we each have our own separate goals, whether its getting first team all Dade, or getting a starting spot, or showing the coach that they deserve playing time. Last year i was an honorable mention for the all Dade team but this year my personal goal is to be first team all Dade and lead the district/ county in kills. in order for this to happen i have to be committed from the beginning and put forth maximum effort to the game and my team.
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  1. I know you guys will do great. Let's go Palmetto, and hope you achieve your goal.