Wednesday, April 20, 2016

pre season tournament

                                                           Preseason Tournament

            So this Wednesday was the start the preseason. we had a great tournament. we played Columbus high school and st. Brendan high school. I know a great majority of the players on both teams because i played travel volleyball with both those teams during the off season.
            when the teams walked in we all greeted each other like it was a family reunion. we established that we are all friends until the game starts then we are rivals. that made the games so much more competitive. you could feel the excitement in the gym. and you knew the season was coming soon.
           we ended up winning both games but it wasn't easy. both teams fought hard but we came out victorious in the end. this gave us a great start to the season. we scan now go into the start of the season with confidence and hopefully dominate on the court.

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